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need the aid the next funding and begin to focus finally on this economy. >> obviously i am concerned about a shutdown of the government. that will undermine, i think the confidence of the american people that we can act rationally. >> a few fiscal conservatives joined most democrats to defeat the measure. it's now unclear how the federal government will remain open after september 30th. two lawsuits filed on behalf of iraqi detainees who say they were tortured at abu ghraib have been dismissed by a appeals court in virginia. a panel says two companies in the lawsuit had immunity from legal action because they were doing the government's work in providing interrogators to the u.s.-run prison. in one case four iraqis claim they were abused by interrogators. the other lawsuit was filed by 72 iraqis against l3 services
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which provided translators to the prison. the ruling reverses decisions by two other federal judges who rejected the contractors' immunity claims. a new report from the army's inspector general says families who wish to bury loved ones at arlington national cemetery were often forced to listen to a ringing phone. >> that is because for several years the cemetery's administration offices did not have a voice mail system. according to "the washington post" the report is scheduled to be discussed at a committee tomorrow. it's a follow-up report to one raised last year that raises several questions about the cemetery's daily operations. the army's criminal investigation division and the fbi are conducting a criminal probe into the actions at the cemetery including the mishandling of remains. a new poll suggests that mitt romney may be increasing his influence among new hampshire voters. >> according to a suffolk university 7 news poll --
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>> 400 likely gop voters were surveyed in the poll. president obama will return to ohio today to continue promoting his jobs plan. he'll visit a run down bridge in cincinnati to highlight the kind of infrastructure project he says would create jobs. the bridge links ohio and kentucky, the home states of republican house speaker john boehner and senate minority leader mitch mcconnell. on friday the president will have another town hall meeting and answer questions about jobs and the economy, for the professional network linkedn. we're learning more about a fraud investigation involving the dc department of employment services. >> gabby fraser was fired
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after officials say they uncovered a scheme of unofficial checks that went to her family members. they won't say how much money is stolen nor if she's the only suspect in the investigation. police are searching for at least one person in connection with an armored car robbery attempt. it happened yesterday outside of a cvs in northwest. police say two men tried to rob the security employees sparking the gunfire. the glass door of the cvs was riddled with bullet holes. one of the suspects was shot in the head. he remains in critical condition. the second suspect got away. clean-up and repairs from hurricane irene cost the baltimore gas and electric company $81 million. in a report presented to the maryland public service commission bge said about 756,000 customers lost power for an average of 37 hours after irene. most customers got power back within five days though some were without electricity for up
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to eight days. here's a look at other topics making news now. two american hikers are back with their families this morning after spending more than two years in an iranian prison. >> finally a happy ending. shane bauer and josh fattal reunited with loved ones wednesday in the gulf state of oman. the two men could return to the u.s. in just a matter of days. tara mergener has that story. >> reporter: shane bauer and josh fattal are back with their families enjoying their first full day of freedom. the american hikers jumped into the arms of their loved ones in oman wednesday. they were released on $1 million bail after spending more than two years in an iranian prison. >> we are so happy we are free and so relieved to be free. >> reporter: iranian authorities arrested shane bauer, josh fattal and their friend sarah shourd on spying and trespassing charges while hiking along the iraq/iran border in july of 2009. shourd was freed last
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september, while in prison shane bauer proposed to her, after a year apart the two finally embraced on the tarmac. >> two years in prison is too long we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in america and iran. >> reporter: release came before president obama addressed the united nations general assembly. mahmoud ahmedinejad gives his speech today. president obama says he's thrilled with the news. he like the rest of his administration believes the hikers should not have been held in the first place. >> they have a chance now to reunite with their families and to decompress from what has been a terrible experience for them and i'm looking forward to seeing them when they return home. >> reporter: in josh fattal's hometown near philadelphia "welcome home" signs are already up. his uncle is eagerly awaiting a reunion. >> i want to see his face. >> reporter: they could be back on u.s. soil within days.
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susan mcguinness for cbs news, washington. >> omani and swiss diplomats helped to get the release since the u.s. has no diplomatic relations with iran. president obama talked to the united nations general assembly yesterday. procedure to his -- prior to his address president obama met face-to-face with the palestinian president. he doesn't want abbas to ask for statehood when the u.n. addresses the general assembly tomorrow. president obama says he supports a palestinian state but only one that results from negotiations. >> the deadlock will only be broken when each side learns to stand in the other's shoes. >> the palestinians want to achieve a status with the international community but they are not prepared yet to give peace to israel in return. >> what's wrong with negotiating it state-to-state is that?
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why do we have to be occupied? >> the u.s. says it will use its veto in the security council to kill any resolution proposing the creation of a palestinian state. meanwhile, french president nicolas sarkozy proposed a one-year timetable for israel and the palestinians to reach a peace accord. 4:37. a group of frequent flyers is being rewarded for its loyalty. >> a popular southern rock band decides to call it quits after more than three decades together. >> and weather in two minutes.
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4:39. hefty shower through southern montgomery and southern howard counties now. you can see it from clarksville. spotty showers this morning and later today the patchy drizzle and fog, sunny breaks, mid-70s by noon. upper 70s to low 80s, 5:00 p.m. temperature of 78. the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. monika has important traffic information. >> we have video of a very serious accident overnight in rockville. you're looking at it now where authorities are still investigating on route 355, it's blocked between route 28 and edmondson drive. it wibell this way for a while. plan ahead. coming up in my next report more details on this accident and more at 4:48. our time is 4:40. time for your first money report of the morning. >> we have jessica doyle here with today's headlines.
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>> reporter: good morning to both of you. wall street not really putting much faith in operation twist. that's what the federal reserve is calling its latest attempt to jumpstart the economy. the fed will sell, rather, sell billions of dollars of short term bonds to buy longer term treasuries. the move designed to reduce rates on mortgages and other consumer and business loans. stocks plunged following the fed's announcement. some investors believe physical do very little to -- believe it will do very little to improve the economy and may even ignite inflation. today asian and european stocks following suit. some overseas markets down 5% today. at home the dow standing at 11,124. dropped almost 284 points after the announcement. the nasdaq by 52 and s&p off by 35. bank stocks took a hit after moody's lowered some of the debt ratings for bank of america, citigroup and wells fargo. agencies say it's less likely
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the u.s. government would step in now and prevent banks from failing as it did during the financial crisis. united airlines taking another step to boost its frequent flyer program with continental. it's also adding an expiration date, new for continental frequent flyers. fairfax county officials have given the preliminary green light for construction of five residential towers in tysons corner. the first redevelopment proposal to be considered under the county's new urban building plan for tyson. it's a 26-story building that could be in construction early next year pending approval. the other are 20 stories. it's odd to think of these skyscrapers going up in this residential, kind of mall community. >> it's near metro. that's good. >> so much going on there. it's hard to think they could fit any more in there. >> it's hard to even get in
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there with all the construction recently. >> thank you. we all hate sitting in traffic congestion. unfortunately, we're going to have to do it. most likely most everyday. >> especially in the tysons area. would you be willing to pay money to improve your commute?
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4:45. welcome back to "9news now." almost to the weekend and fewer showers on the weekend? >> fewer. saturday and sunday might not be too bad. i have an event at the vineyards, great stomping saturday at 2:00. i think we're going to be ok for that. a lot of folks are anxious about the weather this weekend, anxious about the threat of showers, it's not going to be rain-free but it should be somewhat better for saturday and sunday. our bus stop forecast, we're looking all right. a little damp in spots. a couple of showers, a couple of heavy showers but not too many. some drizzle, patchy fog. temperatures running from the mid-60s to even the mid-70s over the next few hours with sunrise not until 6:56. the day planner, again, spotty
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shower or two this morning. some sunshine at times today. so partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. mid-70s at noon. we'll top out potentially in the low 80s with a 4:00 p.m. temperature of 79 and 8:00 p.m. temperature of 74. again, spotty showers but overnight into tomorrow the rain chances go up. we could have numerous showers and thunderstorms for friday. not much going on. showers to the north in new york state and new england, over toward ocean city and salisbury, heavier showers. then spotty showers across the region. some of these that we're picking up on live doppler are hefty like the one north of reedville and toward lane lake anna. this one through montgomery county the last half-hour, heavy downpours across the beltway now and pulling up into silver spring and colesville and howard county. we'll zoom into that one first. the rest of the metro is relatively quiet. here's route 29, this one between colesville and clarksville moving to the northeast. columbia is getting a little rain.
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it's headed to he will cot city and -- he will cot city and probably the west side of the baltimore metro. that's one heavy shower there. then another very heavy shower south of spotsylvania. this guy is moving east. you may see some of this rain over the next 30 minutes or so. the temperatures are mild. upper 60s to low 70s, leesburg at 72. rockville 79 with showers. columbia 70. in washington now we also have 70 with cloudy skies and dew point way up there still in the upper 60s. lots of humidity. look at these fall-like temperatures, bismarck mid-30s. we're 70 but unfortunately for us our weather continues from the south, not the north. so we're going to stay warm and moist. we're going to stay with the threat for showers and storms here over the next couple of days. especially tomorrow. one of the things we're seeing, the heavy rains in northern oklahoma this morning, also more moisture across georgia and south carolina headed our way. that is why tomorrow, again,
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looks to be a more active day. here's the next three days. 81 today. a couple of showers and storms here and there. tonight, tomorrow, numerous showers and thunderstorms, picking up friday. 76 but saturday, as we get back to partly sunny conditions with slight chance of a shower, looking at a temperature into the low 80s. sunday, partly sunny, chance of an afternoon storm 83. monday looks decent. 84. if you can get monday off plan ahead now. tuesday, a chance for a thunderstorm. feel a head cold, monika? >> a little. >> it's now time for monika and timesaver traffic. >> we're going straight to video of a serious early-morning accident here, hit-&-run investigation in rockville, on rockville pike it's closed down between edmondson drive and route 28 veirs mill road, what is called the mixing bowl in rockville.
4:49 am
we're hearing a scooter was struck, the man in the other vehicle tried to get away, was caught as well. in the meantime this investigation will be difficult for commuters at route 355 in rockville. plan early, you can take veirs mill road and ed monson combination while traffic is light. here's a live picture. you can see if you look closely the arrow board set up here. this is the northern end of the closure. another thing you might want to do is take veirs mill road to connecticut avenue and down to the beltway. that's one option and of course 270 is your other option. let's go to the map now, authorities are looking for an accident as well on the southbound side of 95 right here at the outer loop of the beltway. keep that in mind for travel plans in college park. we'll look live at the beltway at new hampshire avenue. right now volume light between 95 and silver spring. no problems as you head over to 270 in bethesda. i'll keep you posted on the accident in rockville and other incidents around the area, at 4:56.
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back to you. members of the metropolitan washington airport authority had vowed to fight an effort by very lawmakers to force the authority to restructure. that's according to the washington examiner. in may virginia congressman frank wolf introduced legislation which would allow virginia lawmakers to appoint more members to the mwaa. it would also make it easier to replace current authority members. if the measure were to be approved it will give the virginia governor the power to appoint nine members instead of five. the district and federal government would each have three seats, maryland would have two and each jurisdiction would be allowed to replace its board members before their terms expire. the national capital region transportation planning board is discussing ways to solve the ongoing problem of traffic in our region. >> aandrea has more on some of the most controversial ideas. >> reporter: a small town is thriving today with a big
4:51 am
population of commuters. >> the bottom line is the traffic is just crazy. >> it can't be any worse. you need a helicopter. >> reporter: terrible traffic is at the heart of a transportation planning board study of a controversial idea known as road use pricing. charging commuters for the miles they log. >> they got to come up with something different. that's for sure. 66 and 495 is a mess. >> you shouldn't have to pay to travel. >> reporter: one idea, a gps-based pricing plan, to charge drivers for the miles they travel from outlying areas into the district. the fees might depend on levels of congestion, time of day and the type of vehicle they drive. >> it's not fair. why should they? they can't afford to buy property in fairfax closer so they come here. >> it's not the government's business to know where i am, what i am doing and or what i am using the roads for. i don't need the government to snoop into my business more
4:52 am
than it already does. >> reporter: and also more tolls for area highways. >> i don't think that is fair either. >> reporter: finally those charges are being discussed where drivers pay a fee to enter a congested urban area like downtown dc. >> i wouldn't want to go there in the first place. so i wouldn't pay a fee to enter there. >> reporter: some methods of transportation will always be better than others. >> the transportation planning board will host six public forums this fall to allow commuters to have their say about some of the ideas you just heard. a final report on the feedback is expected in the spring of 2012. how's this for something different? walk, bike or use mass transit today but whatever you do don't drive. that's the message from the organizers of world car-free day. an annual event held on september 22nd. so far more than 9,000 people in our area pledged to take part. there are giveways and drawings
4:53 am
at metro county stations to celebrate the event. dialysis patients may not be getting enough treatment to remove the toxins from their bodies. that's the finding of a new study published in the "new england journal of medicine." for decades three times a week dialysis has been the standard for people with failing kidneys. but the study found that deaths, heart attacks and hospitalizations are much higher on the day following the two-day break patients get each week. the centers for disease control and prevention says america is prepared to fight the flu this afternoon. health officials say there's an ample supply of the vaccine. according to the cdc strains this season are similar to last year but you still need a new flu shot. doctors recommend everyone six months and older to get a flu shot. flu season runs from october to may and peaks around january. it is 4:53. before we head to break, time to look at the question of the morning. >> according to a survey, sunshine is the number one
4:54 am
thing people say they can't live without. what is number two? >> ponder that and the answer later in the show. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life? i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals. five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free.
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after allegra-d, i can breathe. [ female announcer ] for fast, non-drowsy, 24-hour relief from even congestion and pressure. [ man ] after allegra-d, i have it all. welcome back. weather first at 4:56. watching a hefty shower push through montgomery county and howard counties now, up toward
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columbia. there are let of pretty heavy downpours but not much more at the moment. heavy stuff on the lower eastern shore but 72 at 9:00 with mostly cloudy skies. a few sunny breaks here and there. 75 at noon. this afternoon, again, isolated showers, maybe out to the shenandoah valley as temperatures get in the upper 70s and low 80s for highs. live look at a serious accident on 355, closed between route 28 and edmondson drive. this situation will remain this way for a while. plan early. i'll have details coming up again in the next report at 5:01. andrea, back to you. the way we watch movies at home is about to change once again. >> the last song after 31 years together. candace gibson has more in this look at entertainment. >> reporter: want ultra violet
4:58 am
will allow customers to store their movie purchases on-line and access them from any device without them having to transfer information. >> it was the best day in my whole life. >> reporter: one of cary grant's wives wrote about her iconic marriage to the leading man. diane cannon provides rare note photos and never before seen notes from grant. it includes his use of psychedelic drugs. she says she left him because he was controlling and abusive but believes no one will ever match his hollywood star power. >> when he walked into a room you dropped everything you were doing. he had it. the it factor. >> reporter: four-time grammy winner taylor swift announced she'll make her "speak now" world tour
4:59 am
available to the masses. she'll start selling sets of the show november 21st. the grammy-winning rock group r.e.m. calling it quits. the group was big in the 1990s with multiplatinum albums and hits like "losing my religion" and "everybody hurts." their last album came out in march. candace gibson, cbs news, hollywood. good morning, thank you for watching "9news now" at 5:00 a.m. i'm adria -- howard bernstein, we've been hanging on to our umbrella all week. >> don't put it away just yet though you may not need it much today you'll definitely need it later today and tomorrow. we start the morning with the day planner. a spotty shower here and there as we go to the weather graphics, upper 60

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